The Tailor, The Devil and Other Breton Tales)
Translated and retold by John Edgar

John Edgar Tailor image

(Image by James Fownes)

The devil’s a sly charmer
And a master of disguise,
But he can never ever fool
The tailor’s cunning eyes.


A familiar sight on the roads of old Brittany, the roguish, rakish tailor was famous for both his fine clothes and his even finer gossip. They say that his words and his wits were at least as sharp as his needle. Mind you, walking abroad on the roads of Brittany at night, you had to be very careful. For the devil, Old Pol as they called him, was always on the lookout for some gullible soul to pop in his sack and take back to his very warm home for the other demons to play with.

From the deeply chilling to the bleakly comical, and told in story and song, John Edgar’s latest anthology of “wonderfully feral” Breton tales draws us into the world of the handsome, seductive stranger and the artful cunning rascal in more of the darkest stories ever to cross the channel. As usual, this performance also includes a number of handy hints to keep you relatively unscathed should you ever have the misfortune to encounter Ar Potr Rouz - the Red Man - or any of his myriad (and no less diabolical) associates.

The Tailor, The Devil and Other Breton Tales is another strange and chilling round of the hidden beliefs, fears and dreams that were once at the heart of life on the other side of the channel.

What the audience said:

“A brilliant evening!!” “A good night out.” “Brilliant show. We were gripped throughout.” “Bostin show.” “Excellent evening.”

The Devil and Other Breton Tales premiered at the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton in March 2018.