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As part of a five-week tour, Flexus Touring Company, part of Flexus Dance Collective, presented their new original contemporary dance piece, “Lié Par L’Histoire” (Bound By The Story) at the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, and Forest Arts Centre, Walsall, for a number of public performances during their schools and community tour in June and July.

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Created in collaboration with writer and storyteller John Edgar, and drawn from his storytelling show, “Breton Tales After Dark”, this piece was a dark and eccentric blend of dance and storytelling that explores our continued reliance on stories and superstition to guide us throughout our lives. The tales featured in the show were drawn from Breton folklore and beliefs, where life and death dwell side by side - and meet up with each other on a nightly basis!

Choreographed by Flexus founder and Artistic Director Katy Sterran, and scripted and narrated by John Edgar, “Lié Par L’Histoire” drew its inspiration from 19th century Breton folklore when skulls talked, mysterious and deadly washerwomen washed shrouds at midnight, and Death roamed the land on his cart on the lookout for customers.

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