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The tales and songs in Breton Tales After Dark come from a range of sources, most notably the work of Anatole le Braz, a Breton academic and writer who collected many stories and “first-hand accounts” from across North-West Brittany for his most famous work “La Légende de la Mort”. All have been translated from the French by John Edgar.

Others were collected from other collections and Breton storytellers, while a few are composites or original.

The stories in this performance are drawn from John’s six Breton shows to date:

the original Breton Tales After Dark (2003)

Breton Christmas Spirits (2004)

Curses, Corpses and Conjurations (2005)

Intersigns - Tales From a Breton Fireside (2007)

Tales From the Ankou’s Wagon (2010)

The Tailor, The Devil and Other Breton Tales (2018)